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2/11/01-2/18/01- "In addition to rebooting once a week, run QuickSell 2000® Doctor after reboot. This will keep the database repaired and compacted. This preventative measure can help avoid and detect potential database issues before they can cause system down time."


2/19/01-2/25/01- "To speed up reporting and purchase orders, delete any journal history that is not needed any more. A good rule of thumb is keep the previous full calendar year. Remember, once a journal is deleted it is gone forever. Another suggestion is add more memory to your PC. Memory is cheaper than ever. You can get 128 MB for $50. This will also help speed up reporting."


2/26/01-3/04/01- "Keep your computers clean and free of clutter. Use canned air to clean the front and back of computer regularly. If you feel comfortable, remove the computer's cover and blow out the inside regularly. Keep papers and other office materials from gathering around the computer. Also keep the desk free of dust. Dust and clutter keep the computer from ventilating and cause random system lockups."


3/5/01-3/11/01- "Collect customer information at the time of the transaction with QuickSell 2000. This is one of the most powerful things you can do with a point of sale system. You'll find it doesn't add a lot of time to each transaction. The information you gather is an extremely powerful marketing tool. You can significantly cut advertising costs by advertising directly to your customers. You can also target special deals towards customers who you know buy what you are promoting."


3/12/01-3/18/01- "Back up, back up, back up.  Make sure you are performing a daily back up of the QuickSell® database.  This is important for data integrity in case on an emergency.  Zip drives, hard drives, CD writers and network drives are all options for backing up.  Choose what is best for you and use it.  Automated backup is the best because you can have the computer be disciplined for you.  If you need help with a backup scheme, contact us."


4/2/01-4/8/01- "Whether using QuickSell 2000® or Commerce™, learn how to use Microsoft Access.  Access is your key to freeing your data.  No POS software can have every report or feature you are looking for, but the QuickSell database may contain all the data you need to get what you want.  Unlimited custom reports or sweeping database changes can be made with proper use of Access.  Be warned, beginners should learn on a backed up database.  If you use Access improperly, you can ruin your data or database structure. Take a class or use an Access How To book to learn more. Retail Technologies, LLC is not responsible for any damage you may do to your database using Access."


4/9/01-4/15/01- "Concerned about security? Upgrade to QuickSell Commerce™.  QuickSell 2000® is very loose in the security department.  Loopholes can be found and preset security is an all or nothing thing.  QuickSell Commerce offers 30 customizable security levels.  Security can be set at the field or menu level.  Gives gives you the ability to keep people out if specific menus or make it so they can see fields but not edit them.  Accountability is also greatly enhanced.  Commerce allows for reason codes to be used when changing inventory quantity, returns or discounts.  For this level of security or accountability,  Commerce is head and shoulders over QuickSell 2000."


4/16/01-4/22/01- "Want to give your cashiers more information at the POS. Add these lines to the QuickSell 2000® INI file.  Open QuickSell 2000 Doctor and select 'Edit QuickSell 2000 INI file.' This will open a the file in notepad.  Under the section marked as [Preferences],  you can add the the following lines:"



(this shows customer account number on the screen)


(this allows on cashier with manager access to make adjustments to account balance)


(this shows the customers balance on the screen)


NOTE:  If the section [Preferences] is not in your INI file you can simply add it.  Additionally all the above lines must be type exactly as above or they will not operate.


4/23/01-4/29/01- "Buy your domain name now.  In this internet day and age, domain names can be important.  Domain names have become big business for cyber squatters.  They buy domains that are available and sit on them. When someone wants them, they sell them for what the market will bear.  If you have even considered going online with your store. Even if it is not to sell but just promote the store. Buy your domain name now.  We know one competitor who bought the domain names of his local competition. Don't let this happen to you if you consider even three years down the road going online.  Domain names cost about $70 for two years and it can just sit there not being used, but it is yours.  Go to or to see what's available.  Good luck.  


4/30/01-5/06/01- "Last week, I told you to buy you domain name.  Now I'm telling you to setup a website. It is easier then you think.  First, if you have a PC with internet access you have what you need to get started.  Next, who is going to build your site? I suggest you do it with Microsoft FrontPage($150).  If you can create a Word document, you can build your site with FrontPage.  Take the time to build the site with FrontPage on your PC.  Buy a book if you have to.  If you can't do it have someone who can build it for you but make sure you are set up to edit it on a regular basis.  After all no one goes back to a site that never changes.  After you created something to display, you're ready for hosting.  You need to find a web hosting service that meets your needs. This is basically someone's computer and high speed internet backbone you are storing your web pages on.  Hosting can be as little as $8 a month.  Search the internet for hosting providers, there are a lot out there.  Not sure what you need? Ask the hosting people or whoever is building your site.  You can usually start out small and upgrade space and bandwidth as you go (Don't know what space and bandwidth are? Check the hosting providers FAQ's and Support Pages).  Two that we know of are and  In most cases you can buy your website's domain names at this point through them (Domain names where the subject of last week's tip, check the archive for more info).  Once you have chosen a provider, they can help get your pages up to the site and resolve your domain name to the site. Voila! You're done.  You have web presence. Next week will talk briefly about what you can do with it.


5/07/01-5/13/01- "Most people who are reading this don't want to sell products on their website to the world.  But that's not all a website can do.  First, you must get people to look at your website.  Don't worry about search engines if all you care about is people in your town.  Advertise you site in your store.  Put you web address on everything like receipts, indoor and outdoor signage, computer screen savers, business cards and anything else you can think of.  Tell people with your signs that there are benefits to checking out the site like coupons, mailing list of sales and helpful product articles.  Once you get them going there make them want to come back with your site and updated content.  Get your employees to write articles once or twice a month in areas they specialize in to help customers.  Promote the article and employee in the store with the advertising.  Make customers sign up for your mailing list and give them something in return like a coupon for $5 off their next purchase.  With the mailing list, collect as detailed information as you want but always get name, address and email for you to use in mass marketing.  If you run a pet store and collect pet info you send the customer a coupon for their pet's birthday.  Just using the email address you can do cheap mass mailers for special promotions.  If you collect more detailed information you advertise to the customers who are buying the stuff you are selling (i.e. in a pet shop, don't advertise dog supplies to bird owners).  You can use the web to promote featured products in the store and the customer can email you questions about the product.  The customer feels like they are important enough to get service at home.  Bottom line is you don't have to sell things on the website to make effective use of it.  However make sure whatever you do, keep it fresh.  No one keeps going back to a web site that never changes."


5/14/01-5/20/01- "In the X-Files, people keep telling Fox Mulder to "Trust No One."  Well I'm not going to go that far.  However you should set up security on your POS system.  Some people think ID and Password just slows down the point of sale.  However it isn't that slow and can protect your business.  Setup ID's and individual security for all you cashiers.  Let the cashier chose their own password and tell them to keep it to themselves.  If cashiers keep the passwords fairly short (4-5 characters) they can still be effective.  One or two characters is too short.  This will only add a second or two to each sale once the cashier is familiar.  If your store is so busy you can't afford the extra 2 seconds add another register.  This gives you more security and makes the cashier responsible for keeping their transactions in order.  If you know a password has been compromised, change it.  When a cashier doesn't have permission to ring a transaction, have someone with permission log in and finish the sale.  Owners and managers don't give out your passwords, this defeats the purpose."

Remember it isn't the employees you don't trust who can really hurt you, because you don't put them in that position.  It's the employees you trust, because you give them access.

5/21/01-5/27/01- "For people with one station running QuickSell 2000, here is tip you may not know to speed working between the two modules.  Open QuickSell 2000 Manager and minimize it.  Then open QuickSell 2000 POS.  To toggle between the two programs press <ALT> and <TAB>.  This will cycle between all open programs. This will save you the time of opening and closing each module while trying to ring up sales."

5/28/01-6/03/01- "Use programs like Scandisk and Disk Defragmenter to check the health of your hard disk drive.  These programs can keep the drive running optimally and keep you aware of any developing problems.  Run Scandisk once a week and have it automatically fix errors.  Also run Thorough Scandisk once a month after hours to check the surface health of the drive.  Only use Thorough Scandisk after hours and with the other PC's turned off or not accessing the network drive.  These actions will interrupt Scandisk and keep it from completing.  If after running Scandisk you see any messages regarding bad sectors keep a eye on this.  If the drive keeps developing bad sectors you will probably have a hard drive failure.  At this point you make sure you back ups are on schedule and look to replace the drive.  

Disk Defragmenter doesn't have to be run as much.  Run Disk Defragmenter once every couple of months or after you have deleted a lot programs or data.  Always run regular Scandisk before running the Disk Defragmenter.  Like the Thorough Scandisk you must run the Defragmenter when there is no network activity and nothing running on the computer you are defragmenting.  Disk Defragmenter rearranges the data on your hard drive so it is more efficient. A highly fragmented drive can reduce performance.

Windows comes standard with these utilities however some users like the programs in Norton Utilities or other packages because they are faster and have more features.  Which ever you choose it is only important that you perform these tasks especially on your server."

6/04/01-6/10/01- "I have given lots of tips on how to care for your pc's and hardware.  However, I never put it all in one place with a schedule. We'll hear is my recommended schedule for point of sale preventative maintenance."

PC's - Reboot twice a week.  Run QuickSell Doctor and Scandisk bi-weekly.  Clean inside PC with canned air and run Disk defragmenter (one server only) every two months.

Keyboards & Mice - When necessary clean with canned air. For mouse, remove ball and clean rollers that contact the mouse ball.

Receipt Printers - Clean with canned air every two months.

Desktop Printer - Follow manual recommendations.

Zebra or Eltron Portable Printer - Clean according to manual after 12 rolls of labels.

Apex II, Scanner, Pole Display and Cash Drawer - No regular maintenance.

Remember when ever you move equipment to clean it, be sure to check all connections to make sure they have not become loose.

6/11/01-6/17/01- "Looking for features that aren't there?  Call Sales Management Systems and tell them.  Most development for QuickSell 2000 is over.  However for QuickSell Commerce now is the time.  The software is still in development and the programmers are more likely to make it better.  Want an evaluation copy?  Call us and will send you one.  If you find features it should have call SMS and tell them.  SMS can be reached at (714) 701-1600."

6/25/01-7/1/01- "Not backing up your QuickSell database?  Are you using an automatic back-up to another drive on your network?  Both these scenarios can be a hazardous if you have an on-site disaster (fire, flood, etc).  To protect against this you should also have a weekly off-site back-up.  In my opinion the cheapest easiest way is a CD-Rewriter.  Zip drives are fine but they are limited and the media is expensive.  Blank CD-R and CD-RW media is cheaper (.35˘ to $2.00 each) and stores more data (650MB to 700MB).  A good CD Rewriter drive can be had for $150.  This can provide backing up and other uses.  Any off-site back-up is better then none.  Whatever you do should be at least once a week and kept safely off-site."

7/9/01-7/15/01- "Make sure you have battery back-ups for your Point of Sale system.  Battery back-ups allow you to function for a short period of time after a power outage.  They also allow uninterrupted service for a quick power outage.  We recommend APC UPS (uninterruptible power supply) products.  They can be had for as little as $50 bucks.  Here is the important part.  For each register station you should have the computer, monitor and receipt printer on a battery backed-up outlet.  For you manager computers only the computer and monitor are necessary.  Additionally, your network hub (if you have one) must be backed up.  If don't back up the network hub, the system won't work even though the PC's are running.  You should also consider placing your credit card verification hardware on the battery back-ups for uninterrupted service.  Typically, you need one battery back-up with three backed-up outlets per station.  One additional should be purchased for network hub or credit card verification machines. Another important note is when you buy them, follow the instructions and install the corresponding software.  When you buy a UPS the battery is disconnected and you must connect it.  The software allows the computers to shut themselves down when the battery is about to run out."

7/16/01-7/22/01- "Here is an issue we have been getting many calls on.  In the two most recent versions of QuickSell 2000 (3.01g & h) there is a difference in how the Purchase Orders react to a deletion.  Previously the Purchase Orders stayed sorted after deleting an item, now they don't.  This can be confusing to some.  This situation came about as part of a fix for the 'Subscript Out of Range' error that occurred frequently in previous versions.  This issue as we are told by SMS is part of the fix and is how the software will be for now on.  This gives customers two choices.  First choice is stay at version 3.01e or below.  This will keep you from new upgrades. However since QuickSell 2000 is at the end of its development cycle, no major new features are foreseen.  To deal with the subscript out of range issue you simply exit the software before switching between purchase orders.  The error occurs when you sort on purchase order and then go into another and sort again.  Exiting between purchase orders should eliminate the problem.  Second choice is deal with the new way.  You will be able receive the latest versions and any new features that may bring.  With the 3.01h & g, only the order of the Purchase Order is changed not your place.  After deleting an item, double click the Item Lookup Code header twice and you'll be back exactly where you left off.  This may be confusing to some but after working with it for a few times most have gotten use to it.  Which ever you choose GOOD LUCK."

Addendum: This issue has been fixed. Download Version 3.01j or later.

7/30/01-8/05/01-  "When upgrading to QuickSell Commerce, remember to Z out all of your registers and run QuickSell Doctor before importing your database into Commerce.  This helps avoid data import issues."

8/06/01-8/11/01- "For QuickSell Commerce, the Administrator has caused some people to worry.  The Commerce Administrator is not password protected and if someone were to change those setting, the station would not initialize.  One solution is to use NT & WIN2000 security.  Setup up the POS user with read and execute privileges only for the Administrator, this will nullify any changes they make to the settings.  Give the Administrator the only full control ability."

8/20/01-8/26/01- "When purchasing a computer for a QuickSell Commerce point of sale station make sure you include a video card with support for two monitors with independent resolutions.  This makes your system immediately ready for Net Display capabilities.  This give you the ability to advertise with multimedia right to your customer at the POS.  This video cards are only slightly more expensive then regular ones ($75-$120).  The one Retail Tech uses is the Matrox G450 with 32mb of ram.  ATI and companies selling nVidia GForce 2 MX chipsets also make multi display video cards.  Whichever you choose, adding one when you buy the system will save you the trouble of upgrading when you decide to use the power of the Net Display."

9/4/01-9/9/01- "Credit Card Verification Software or Hardware?  Many customers want to know what is better, credit card terminals or software integrated through your point of sale system.  In the past, we have strongly suggested that our customers stick with terminals because of the excellent support and the ability to process transactions if your PC is down.  However, recently we have installed PC Charge from GO Software and were pleasantly surprised by the results.  So I am going to give you what we perceived as the pros and cons of software versus hardware credit card verification.  Lets start with hardware, credit card terminals have excellent support (phone & overnight replacement), support debit cards with PIN pads, logical batch separation, work as long as you have power and a phone line.  The cons of terminals are that they can allow employee theft, require extra steps and take up precious counter space.  Software solution pros, (specifically PC Charge) are they simplify the process, reduce keying errors, limit employee theft and conserve counter space.  The cons are poor or limited support, dealing with multiple providers (POS software, verification software and credit card processor) can cause support finger pointing, POS client software may not support all features of verification software, susceptible to downtime caused by PC issue, need reports to separate batches and does not support debit cards through QuickSell Commerce at this time.  These are the issues and benefits we have discovered using PC Charge with QuickSell Commerce.  Use these pros and cons to help determine which is right for you.  If you have any additional questions, please email us at"

9/10/01-9/16/01- "QuickSell Commerce 1.07a is out and seems to have a lot of great new features.  I strongly recommend anyone using Commerce to upgrade to 1.07a.  If you need a copy call or email us.  If you what like an evaluation version of this great software, do the same."

9/17/01-9/23/01- "After what happened on Tuesday of last week, I'm having a hard time coming up with a good tip.  So here it is. Do something to help the victims of the tragedy that occurred here in our home.  Give blood, donate something or do some to help. Thank you. God Bless America."

9/24/01-9/30/01- "PC Anywhere can save you a lot of time.  Many of our customers have PC Anywhere from Symantec.  It is used for remotely accessing your PC from another.  You can connect via the phone, network or internet.  PC Anywhere's value comes from using it so you don't have to drive to where the PC you want to access is.  Want to check today's sales from home, edit a PO or whatever.  It gives you full control of the PC you connect to.  It can be slow, like working under water, but saves you time going to where the PC is located.  It saves us lots of time not having to drive to customers sites to help with issues."

10/1/01-10/7/01- "I know I've said back up your stuff before.  But I want to clarify what should be backed up.  I don't recommend backing up the entire hard drive unless it is to a second drive with fault tolerance built in.  What I mean is if the main drive fails the second one takes over.  For those of you who are backing up your database, here are some other things you should consider backing up: qs2000.ini file (custom settings), custom receipts, custom labels, custom reports, custom access files, any documents or spreadsheets for running your business.  Be smart back up what you use and can't replace off of CD or disk."

10/8/01-10/14/01- "Sorry, the tip is late this week. Out sick. Now for the tip.  If you are considering PC based credit card authorization software, get thermal receipt printers.  Thermal receipt printers print much faster which is important if you are printing both receipt and credit slip."

10/15/01-10/28/01- "If you are using QuickSell 2000 version 3.00 or higher, you should upgrade to the latest  version 3.01j.  QS2000 version 3.01j has the fixes for all the major issues our customers have been complaining about.  I fixes the ghost item, baby purchase order and out of order after deletion issues that have come since version 3.00.  To download or find out more about this new version, just visit our Download Center."

10/29/01-11/04/01- "QuickSell Commerce has a special feature called SERVER OFFLINE that allows your registers to run when the database server is down.  This special feature is easy to enable and works.  It allows you to keep ringing up sales while the server is down and synchronizes them when the server is back online. It is easy to use, so just check your manual or the help section.  It can really make a computer hardware issue is easy to deal with when you don't have to worry about ringing up customers and getting your inventory out of whack. Check it out. Any questions? Contact us."

11/05/01-11/11/01- "Want to do an automated back-up in QuickSell Commerce? Use the MSDE program and write a DOS batch file to be run regularly by the Windows Task Scheduler. The batch file should contain the following line of code:

osql -U sa -P -Q "BACKUP DATABASE commerce TO DISK = 'e:\backup\back1.bck'"

The italicized words are the variables you will need to change. Replace commerce with the actual name of the database. Replace e:\backup\back1.bck with the file path and name of the back-up.  This DOS batch file will create a back-up of the database named commerce to the specified location. Any questions, contact us."

11/12/01-11/18/01- "Use the Net Display feature in QuickSell Commerce.  The Net Display allows you to have a second monitor at the POS that displays the receipt being constructed as well as sales promotions.  Using something as simple as Word, you can create content in minutes for advertisements at the point of sale.  I have mentioned this before but I just wanted to reinforce how easy it is to create content for the Net Display.  Just create a document in Word and Save As a HTML file. Viola!. Ready for the Net Display.  To save space at the point of sale, use LCD monitors for the Net Display.  They can be had for $300-$400 for 15" versions."

12/02/01-12/16/01- "Are you using an old 10base2 network? If you are you should consider upgrading to 10baseT unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cabling with a hub or switch.  Old 10base2 is coaxial cable that runs to each computer in a bus topology.  It uses BNC connectors to connect the cable to the PC and ends with terminators.  The 10base2 is slower, less reliable, less fault tolerant medium for network connections.  The newer 10baseT uses unshielded twisted pair cabling, similar to phone cable, to connect each PC to a hub or switch in a star topology.  The cabling connects to the PC and hub with a RJ45 connector, similar to phone jack.  This method is faster, more stable, much more fault tolerant and has more growth potential. If you are starting from scratch this is your only logical choice.  My suggestion to stores using the coaxial cable is to upgrade. It will be to your benefit now and in the future."

12/17/01-12/30/01- ""I'm going bi-weekly because of the holiday season. So here is your Tip of the Two Weeks. QuickSell Commerce does support some older point of sale hardware with there own SMS OPOS drivers.  Check out CONFIGURE SMS OPOS DRIVERS under QUICKSELL COMMERCE in the start menu.  Under the HELP section, it lists all the devices that SMS has written an OPOS driver for. This can be helpful when upgrading to Commerce because the hardware manufacturer may say their device is not OPOS compatible or they don't have an OPOS driver for it. However the folks at SMS have written some custom OPOS driver for a small selection of point of sale hardware. So if you're upgrading from an existing system check the manufacturers websites first but don't overlook what SMS has already put in. Happy Holidays."

12/31/01-01/06/02- "Two tips this week. First have a great and healthy New Year. Second here is something we learned this holiday season.  When ever your business is busy you postpone messing with your system until after the busy times.  My suggestion is don't upgrade during the holidays or don't move your computers to facilitate a big day. If you are going to do this be warned something could go wrong and make things difficult or expensive for you. My suggestion is to wait or do it in advance so if something were to go wrong you have access to tech support in a timely manner."

01/13/02-01/27/02- "Commerce users don't forget to enable the HTML Status window in the POS module. It gives you customer information at the point of sale including customer visits, total sales, the contents of the notes field and account balance information. To enable the HTML Status window, press CTRL-F6 for display properties.  Check the option Display HTML Status bar on top and set the height to 20%. This should do it. Good Luck."

01/28/02-02/10/02- "Here's one for the security conscious. Say you have an employee you need to be able to use the time clock but not ring up sales.  With QuickSell Commerce, you can do it.  First open up the cashier in the Manager and un-check all their Cashier Rights. Then set their security level to 1. Now in the POS, click the gray box in the far lower left corner. A lock will appear and you are in security mode. Then press (CTRL-S), this brings up the security overlay. Click in the Item Lookup field to bring up the Security menu. Check Disable Read and Disable Change for Level 1.  Do the same for F2: Lookup and the F12:Tender. Press (CTRL-S) to remove the security overlay and proceed to Tender screen. Again press (CTRL-S) to bring up security overlay. Click on the OK button and check Disable Read and Disable Change for Level 1. Do the same for the Tender entry column.  When done press (CTRL-S) and click on the lock to exit security mode.  With these settings in place the cashier can't tender out a sale and record will be created in the journal when he cancels the transaction.  For more information on the security menu consult the online help with QuickSell Commerce or give us a call. Thanks."

02/11/02-03/24/02- "QuickSell Commerce has had various issues or bugs regarding the copy protection dongle and register already in use error. Here is the nitty gritty on fixing these two issues. First, get Commerce version 1.07g.  You can get it from SMS or Retail Technologies. This should fix the "software license violation ... register (any number) already in use."  Then after installation do the following.  Use Explorer to browse to c:\program files\rainbow technologies\sentinel system driver folder. Run the SetupSysDriver executable.  From there click Configure Driver.  On this screen, double click the port that the dongle is attached to. Typically this is the first one listed and Port Type will typically be IBM AT or ECP.  You will get a Configure Port screen.  Clear all check boxes under Port Ownership Method. Click Ok until you are out of the Sentinel System driver. You may be prompted to reboot. Do so and all your problems should go away. For more information and screen shots on the second issue. Click here."

03/25/02-03/31/02- "To all you Net Display users who have an issue with the fact the content doesn't cycle when the register is locked, here is a suggestion for a work around. If you create a web page and embed other pages to cycle through it, this will allow cycling of pages while the net display is locked. This is not a permanent solution. I believe SMS is working on one but they said it is not in the immediate future. Good Luck. SMS gets the credit for this tip. Thanks Tim."

04/01/02-04/07/02- "Pour or spray cold water on your computer to keep it cool. This will prevent random glitches due to overheating. Just Kidding! April Fools!"

04/08/02-04/21/02- "This one is for everyone who is interested in QuickSell Commerce and receives the Evaluation Copy of the software. My suggestion is to install it with all the defaults and read the Help section instructions for the Administrator first and then the same for the Manager. As always, we will be happy to help anyone install their Evaluation Copy. However, we have found the people who get the most out of their software are the ones who understand how it works. My suggestions is if you are going to invest the money, you should invest the time to understand how it works so you can make it work for you."

04/29/02-05/12/02- "In QuickSell 2000, you can enable "Buy X, Get Y at ..." discount pricing. This is available in version 3.01b and later. In order to enable this feature, add the following option in the QS2000.INI file:





This feature will now appear on the Database menu of QuickSell Manager (in place of Mix and Match), where you can set up these discount specifications.  Specify a quantity that is bought at full price, the quantity that the customer can get at a discount price when that quantity is bought, and the price at which they can get the discounted quantity.  You will then be able to assign a discount to an item by selecting one on the Pricing tab.  When this item is sold in multiple quantities in a POS transaction, the appropriate discounts will be applied."


06/07/02-06/16/02- "Having a problem with Z-outs in QuickSell Commerce. Some of the previous versions have a bug that allows a Z-out to not open a new batch. This would allow a batch to run over into the next day. A few of our customer had reported this issue. This has been fixed in version 1.07i. Contact us to request your copy."


03/24/03-03/30/03- "If you are using QuickSell Commerce or MRMS Store Operations, you could be vulnerable to the Slammer worm. Microsoft has offered some easy patches to secure your system. Please check out this link to download scan tools and patches to discover and fix your vulnerability. In general, default installations ARE VULNERABLE to the Slammer worm."


04/07/03-04/14/03- "If you are using QuickSell Commerce or MRMS Store Operations, you could be vulnerable to the Slammer worm. Microsoft has offered some easy patches to secure your system. Please check out this link to download scan tools and patches to discover and fix your vulnerability. In general, default installations ARE VULNERABLE to the Slammer worm."

 Click here


04/15/03-04/22/03- "If you are a QuickSell Commerce or RMS Store Operations customer with Foundation Service (required for new sales). Check out Customer Source to take advantage of the full compliment of services. You can also initiate email support from this site (Foundation customer's only). Call us for details."


05/12/03-07/06/03- “We have found the many vendors require the invoice number, invoice date, order number and cost to be supplied when returning an item(s). To help with returns we use Remarks in the Header of a Purchase Order to enter the invoices number and date.  We can now generate a Movement Report on the item(s) to be returned from the Properties Screen of an item. You can now find the Purchase Order number and double left click to open the order. Once you have the Purchase Order on the screen, click on the Contents find the item and record your cost and order number, then click back on header to record the invoice number and invoice date from the Remarks. Close all screens. This beats having to pull invoices from the file cabinets.”


7/7/03 - "In QuickSell 2000, the option to show a resizable border on the POS module is not obvious like it is in QuickSell Commerce/MS Store Operations. So, I'll gave you instructions for how to make it appear on both. This brings up the standard Windows Minimize/Restore/Close buttons in the right hand of the title bar. This allows for easy minimizing of the POS module. 


In QuickSell 2000, open the Doctor and press the "Edit QS2000.INI initialization file" button. This will open the qs2000.ini file in notepad. Under [POSScreen], change "SizableBorder=No" to "SizableBorder=Yes" . Then save the changes and reopen the POS module.


In Commerce/Store Operations, go to the POS module and log in. You then press "CTRL" and "F6" simultaneously to bring up the "Display Properties" screen. Go to the "Transaction Screen" tab and press the "Window" button. Place a check in the "Show Resizable Border" box and click "OK". Click "OK" again and you're finished."

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