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Store Operations

RMS Store Operations is currently not available by download. 

The current release is 1.3

Service Packs and Hot fixes for RMS require subscription to MS Foundation Services.

Call us for an evaluation version or to enroll in Microsoft Foundation Service

RMS\QSC Import Utility (~154KB)

Epson OPOS 2.50e



Discontinued Software

QuickSell 2000

QuickSell 2000 Version 3.01n Full Version Update (~14MB)
Note: This file upgrades QS2000 full version to version 3.01k. The full version requires a copy protection device (dongle) to run.

Download Instructions

1. Click the appropriate link that you need to update your current installation of QuickSell 2000.

2. Save the file to a temporary folder.

3. For each register in your store, you must close-out the register by running the Z report and exiting POS. This will properly save sales data to the database.

4. Backup your existing version of QUICKSELL 2000 and its database if you have not done so. This will allow you to restore your system if the new installation is not successful. As a minimum, all files under the Windows subdirectories, the DATA subdirectory (the default is C:\QS2000\DATA) and the EXE subdirectory (the default is C:\QS2000\EXE) must be backed up.

5. After downloading is complete, locate and execute the self-extracting file. NOTE: you must enter a password to extract the file contents for the Evaluation update.

6. Warning: The software upgrade will write over existing report template (*.rpt, *.def), receipt format (*.rct), and label template (*.lbl) files. If your system contains customized version of these files (other than SMS standard release), you will need to restore them after the upgrade. This is also true for international users where the foreign language translation of these files may be over-written with the English version.


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