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Our custom software for Store Operations can serve many purposes. We have custom created applications to integrate the Apex II portable data collector directly into your Store Operations database. We can create custom reporting tools to help you get the information you need if Store Operations can't do it for you. Best of all if your suppliers can give you your item information on disk, we can integrate it right into the database. That means you don't have to build your item database from scratch.  If you have an existing point of sale system, we can move your database information to your new system.  Below are some custom solutions we can provide to help you run your business more efficiently, get you started faster and make you more profitable.


Apex II Portable Data Collector & Zebra Portable Printer

  • Automates the receiving and labeling process.

  • Create a manual purchase order by scanning items.

  • Performs inventory and setting of reorder levels.

  • Discrepancy Report for inventory adjustments.

  • Labels contain store name, phone number, date, description, price and barcode.  Helps with stock rotation and returns.

  • Makes product go from loading dock to shelf faster

  • Label ensures the product was counted by Apex II

  • For more info click here.

  • Contact us for pricing.

Custom Databases

  • Data disks from your suppliers can be used to build your database with items, cost and supplier information.  You just add your departments and price and you're ready.

  • Data conversion from existing POS system can be done in most cases.  We can bring your items, suppliers and customers into Store Operations for you.

  • Contact us for details and pricing.

Custom Report Package (QuickSell 2000 only)

  • Widens description field on Purchase Orders

  • Receiving worksheet to aid receiving

  • Purchase Order Verification to visually inspect PO before sending.  Includes 7, 30, 60, 90 days sales and reorder points.

  • Monthly Sales report gives by month for current and previous year.  This would take 24 reports in QuickSell 2000.

  • Quarterly Sales Report gives quarterly sold, average weekly sold, sales dollar and profit.

  • Sales & Movement report gives current year and previous year month to date, year to date and 30, 60 and 90 day sales figures.

  • Under/Not Received report prints items not received or under received on purchase order.

  • Customer Cost report gives cost of customer's purchases. This is useful for damage and defective, store use or good customer accounts.

  • Accounts Receivable report tells who owes you money.

  • Contact us for samples and pricing.

Don't see what you're looking for here, call us to see if we can deliver your custom solution.


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