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Microsoft Retail Management System HeadQuarters (HQ) Feature Summary

Inventory Control and Tracking

HQ controls and tracks inventory at each store and for the enterprise. Detailed information on quantity in stock, reorder points and restock levels for each item at each store is visible at the home office. Stores may have uniform or disparate inventories. Automatic inventory replenishment can be invoked at the home office for any set of stores.

A master inventory database can be set up and downloaded to any group of stores. Information on item types, departments, categories, suppliers, substitutes, aliases, parent relationships, etc., can be replicated to stores for consistent stock identification. Sales taxes can be programmed individually by store per local regulations.

HQ promotes inventory balancing by managing stock transfers among stores. An inventory transfer log tracks stock movement. Selected stores can be designated as warehouses where inventory can be received and redistributed.

The software also offers an inter-store quantity check feature so you can check the inventory levels at all stores. Whenever stores upload their information, the quantities in HQ automatically change.

Purchase Orders

HQ's Purchase Order feature can identify what must be purchased, record all purchases, print PO's and receive orders for the enterprise or individual stores. It can automatically generate PO 's for selected items, by quantity sold during a period or for items that fall below restocking levels. Inter-store inventory transfers can be initiated from the head office or at the stores.


The head office can change and download item prices to specified store(s). Selected items can be put on sale at specific stores or across the enterprise. Other special pricing can be set up for items, categories or departments, then broadcast as desired. Price changes can be programmed to take effect immediately or during a specified time period.

Sales Tracking

HQ maintains highly detailed data from every transaction across the chain. These include invoice number, IDs of items sold, as-sold prices, tax collected, customer, cashier and sales rep IDs, and applicable serial number or matrix type. Detailed sales and profit analyses, sales commission and tax reports are easily generated. Comprehensive data collection supports data warehousing and OLAP.

Customer Management and Marketing

HQ can keep a complete profile of every customer who ever bought from any of your stores or Web sites. This includes demographics, preferences, purchase or problem history, account balance and credit information. Chain-wide buying habits, shopping frequency and purchase amounts are readily available at the head office. HQ's customer data supports thorough and accurate database marketing and relationship selling to targeted customers. This data can be exported to sophisticated CRM and ERP applications.

Employee Management

HQ monitors sales reps, their hours and the registers they run. It can upload attendance records for computing hours and labor cost at the head office. It will centrally compute sales commissions based upon sales transactions and commission structures found in associates' profiles.

Powerful, Flexible Reports

HQ's powerful report generator offers instant, flexible access to a wealth of meaningful data. With point-and-click speed, it generates consolidated reports to show sales breakdowns, identify slow-moving items and check sales for any day—by store location, items, departments, categories, customer or taxes. Reports and graphs may be previewed on screen, printed or exported to other Windows-based software packages.

Advanced Security Features

HQ incorporates tight security to restrict employees' access and changes to sensitive information. It offers 31 security levels that protect screens and fields, report writing—every sensitive corner of your system and confidential data. 

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