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The following are various screen shots taken from RMS Store Operations

1.) Store Operations POS at the point of sale.  This depicts the transactions as shown on the screen with a customer selected and a customized html status window.

2.) Store Operations POS at the tender screen.  You can customize the tender types in the Manager.  

3.) Store Operations Manager at the initial item list screen.  From here you can search for an item by lookup code or description.  More advanced searches can be performed by pressing Find.

4.) Store Operations Manager at the item properties screen.  This shows the important screens for editing an item in the Commerce database.  

5.) Store Operations Manager at the customer properties screen.  The following shows the entire sequence of customer properties screens.  The Additional tab screen is user customizable with 5 text, 5 dates and 5 numeric fields that are useable in reporting.

6.) Store Operations Manager at the purchase order screens.  The first screen is your header information.  The contents tab allows you to edit a purchase order.  Notice that colors help you see what is under or over received.  Clicking on the item lookup code will take you into the item properties for this item to make any changes.

7.) Store Operations Manager at the report screens.  The screen shots take you through the reporting process.  Select the type of report to run.  Select your criteria for the report and the results will generate.  You can also click on the item lookup code and go directly into the item database for that item.


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