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In my pursuit to automate my own 6,500 square foot pet store, I intensely researched the available Point of Sale (POS) solutions on the market. Having an extensive background in the computer industry, including a degree in Computer Science for the University of Maryland and eleven years of experience as an upper level manager for a large computer equipment manufacturer, I thought the task would be easy.

  Wrong! I found the industry full of "here today, gone tomorrow" resellers and software peddlers and decades old software technology that more often than not, didn't work. It seemed that the only solutions that might work were so costly as to be completely out of the question. The packages that I checked out that seemed reasonably priced had numerous bugs, little or no support, and zero expertise from the people selling it. It was a very frustrating experience and an eye opener as well. Here was an entire industry that rather than providing business solutions seemed to exist by taking advantage of a community that had very little computer savvy and could be duped into spending way too much for way to little.

  Then I found QuickSell 2000 (the predecessor to Store Operations). One of the very few POS packages on the market that used up to date Windows technology, it actually worked as advertised! No bugs were found and no features that didn't' work. And its' price made sense. I became a customer. Because of the "open architecture" approach in the design of QuickSell 2000, it wasn't long before I began my own series of enhancements including integrating portable data collection for inventory and receiving and pricing. It also wasn't long before other retailers who had heard about the success of the POS system in my store, called on me to install the system in their stores. Retail Technologies was born.

  At Retail Technologies, we understand the importance of customer service and support. We offer virtual round the clock installation, training and technical support for the world's best POS software and hardware. All of us at Retail Technologies not only have computer and automation expertise; we also have extensive retail backgrounds. Since we come from the retail trades, you can bet we understand your needs and can respond to them in a language that you can understand. With solutions from Retail Technologies, get ready to run your business instead of the business running you!

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Retail Technologies, LLC

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